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This indispensable directory is a must-have for anyone wanting to make it in the music industry. It gives you:

It also provides free access to the entire current databases online, including over 1,200 record labels, and over 500 managers, with dozens of new and updated listings every month. Your free subscription can be taken out at any time until 2025, and comes packed with all the following features:

Advanced search features

Daily email updates

As a subscriber you will be able to take advantage of our email alert service, meaning you can specify your particular interests and we’ll send you automatic email updates when we change or add a listing that matches them. So if you’re interested in labels dealing in hard rock in the United States you can have us send you emails with the latest updates about them – keeping you up to date without even having to log in.

User feedback

Our databases include a user feedback feature that allows our subscribers to leave feedback on each listing – giving you not only the chance to have your say about the markets you contact, but giving a unique artist’s perspective on the listings. Save on copyright protection fees If you’re sending your work away to record labels and managers you should first consider protecting your copyright. As a subscriber to MusicSocket you can do this through our site and save 10% on the copyright registration fees normally payable for protecting your work internationally through the Intellectual Property Rights Office (

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